Who am I?


[[deep breath]]

Here goes…

I am a rule follower by nature. A straight shooter, as they say. I tend to be blunt, but the past few decades have taught me tact so perhaps it’s less obvious now. I’m the reliable one, the responsible one.┬áMaybe that makes me boring. Forgettable, even. I’m not sure my introverted self minds.

I’m a wife and yet, being married to a soldier, I often don’t feel like one as I do life alone. I can’t base my identity on the six months of the year my husband is home. Did I say six months? I’m being optimistic.

I’m a mother. That word has defined the past decade+ of my life and I’m proud of it. As my children get older and need me less and less, I’ve realized I also need to foster my creativity and invest in interests that will be fulfilling to me long after they’re grown and gone.

I’m a writer, penning articles and tutorials for someone else. I love it, but it shouldn’t be my loudest voice. I have things to say that are just mine.

I’m a left-brained creative. I thrive on order but art often thrives on chaos. I’ve learned to adapt.

I’m a photographer. A visual storyteller.

Where my words fall short, I hope my pictures will speak volumes.


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