I made a mistake. It’s not the first.

In an effort to be really transparent, I’m not going to delete my previous post about how the X100F was not the camera for me. That was my initial reaction. I even ordered an X-T2 and was pretty excited about it. But then it arrived and guess what happened?


Whereas for the short time the X100F was in my possession I took it everywhere and made a lot of beautiful photographs, the X-T2 arrived and sat on my desk. I like the way the XT series handles so much more. I like the way it feels. But with a lens attached, it’s too big to carry everywhere. And I was foolish to lose sight of that. I don’t need another camera that sits on my desk. I already have two larger film cameras that I only use at home for that very reason.

It’s crazy how things work out sometimes because it’s almost like the decision was made for me. The X-T2 I received actually wound up being defective. What are the chances, right? So, I was already going to have to send it back and in packaging it all up, I realized that I bought the upgraded version of the camera I just sold instead of the camera that would fit the needs I had already identified.

And so, the X100F it is. I’m going to have to embrace the learning curve.

I’m not perfect. The former professional photographer in me saw more possibilities with the interchangeable lens system. Former professional photographer. The mom in me realized that the best camera is the one I have with me, which means it needs to be small, lightweight and unobtrusive.

Have I mentioned how averse I am to change? I think that’s one of the reasons I made the choice I did. I’m afraid of change. But I shouldn’t be, because nothing stays the same.



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