Social media is a little anti-social.

The hate found on social media platforms is staggering. Hiding behind a screen, it’s easy to spew hurtful words, judgement and condemnation. It’s the antithesis of a good old fashioned handshake and sharing a cup of coffee together. We claim “social” but in reality, we’re more anti-social than ever. We friend and follow and cyber stalk, easily going weeks or maybe even months without actually sitting down with a person face to face or calling them on the phone.

Social media has made us lazy. Guilty as charged.

It’s so much easier to fit a quick scroll through Instagram into our life than it is to set aside time to meet up for lunch. But as I’m sure we’ve all learned, the lives we see online are more often than not curated. Do you really know the things your “friends” are going through? The troubles that keep them up at night? Are you willing to find out? Are you willing to set yourself apart from all the empty “likes” and engage on a deeper level?

I’d rather meaningfully impact the lives of a handful of people than have thousands of followers. I’d rather be invisible online and visible in the real world. But you can bet that any online interactions I have will be seasoned with grace and kindness. There’s enough hate.