My husband is a rockstar. And I’ll forever be his groupie.

Lover Boy never ceases to impress me. And challenge me. His determination is motivating. I think I’d sit and watch HULU during almost all my down time if it weren’t for him asking if I wanted to go for a run or a bike ride, etc. While I will likely never run a marathon (he ran one last month) or complete a triathlon (like he just did last weekend – his fourth I believe), I appreciate his encouragement to just get out and do something.

For the XTERRA Myrtle Beach, he swam 1,500 meters, rode 14 miles of mountain bike trails and then completed a five mile run. And he was still standing afterward. Did I mention he didn’t even train for it? That’s just his baseline level of fitness. He didn’t train for the All American Marathon last month either – a 26.2 mile run, just because he could I guess.

Meanwhile, I went for a two mile slow jog around our neighborhood and overheated.


Alas, I experienced my first ever memory card failure as I was trying to capture him taking this turn so I don’t have any pictures of the finish line, much to my disappointment.

Trust me, it was impressive.

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