Fayetteville Fourth Friday with the family.

I’ve lived in Fayetteville for over eight years but last night was the first time our family has headed downtown for one of the 4th Friday events. The theme was “Art Attack” so naturally, I had to see it. And it did not disappoint. There was a vast collection of local artists lining the streets with their booths. The Art Council had a large collection of artwork on display for the public to vote on.

Downtown Fayetteville has an old school charm. I love the brick paved sidewalks and the tree lined streets. I love the old architecture and how all the buildings are infused with character. My daughter especially loved the number of dogs trotting alongside their owners. I think she loves dogs more than people.

I had so much fun checking out the local businesses, some of which I’ve visited before and some that were new to me. I have often wanted to go check out the shops but given that the boys outnumber the girls in our family, it’s not usually high on the list of family activities. Hopefully, the fun the boys had last night will change that perception.

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