We went on a trip and I only used my “pro” camera one day.

This year’s family vacation was spent in a more adventurous manner than most. We went to the US National Whitewater Center. It’s basically a theme park for outdoorsy people. Rafting, zip-lining, rock climbing, deep water soloing, ropes courses, mountain biking, etc.

Participating on all those activities didn’t leave me many opportunities to take photos (I sort of needed both my hands). In fact, you weren’t allowed to carry anything with you that couldn’t be secured in a pocket anyway. My chosen attire didn’t have pockets so I couldn’t even carry around my phone, let alone my X-T2 + lens. As such, these are the only shots I have from our time there:

However, one day during our trip, we spent the afternoon walking around downtown Charlotte and admiring museums and architecture. I enjoyed snapping some images of things that interested me.

I came home feeling marginally more cultured and significantly more tired. I feel like I always need a vacation from my vacation.

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