Introverted bliss.

It’s quiet. I’d almost forgotten what this feels like. It’s just after 8:00 in the morning and I’ve already gotten three kids off to school and been to the grocery store. I’ve missed these days. I’ve missed the freedom. To be able to look at the day before me and decide what I want or need to do without having to factor others into the process. It’s simple. Easy. Blissful even.

And so quiet.


Being the introvert I am, I never expected to have three children. I wouldn’t trade being their mom for anything but that doesn’t make motherhood easy for me. Even when I’m having the best time with them, everything I have within me is drained. Depleted. People do that to me. All people. My husband. My best friends. Everyone.

Yet it seems like the rest of the world never understands us introverts. Our need to be alone and unconnected is often taken as a personal offense. We are labeled as “hermits” and a “recluse.” In reality, we probably are, but who decided that was a bad thing?

Why is it okay for extroverts to be who they are but introverts are often expected to be more extroverted?

I’ve never been the mom who volunteers in my kid’s class at school or chaperones field trips. You likely won’t find me hosting many gatherings in my home. Because it’s my sanctuary, my place to decompress.

I make no apologies for my introverted ways. You shouldn’t either.

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