I suck at this kind of photography.

Walking around downtown the other day with two cameras strapped to me was an exercise in humility. This year, I challenged myself to try my hand at street photography – something I had never really attempted before, though it has long since fascinated me. I’ve actually been procrastinating quite a bit, this being my first dedicated outing to focus on honing this skill.

It hasn’t been pretty. I’ve been frustrated that with as experienced and knowledgeable about photography as I am, I’m really bad at this particular genre. But of course, that’s what makes it a challenge.

I have a hard time talking to people, either to ask their permission to take a photo or their forgiveness for a photo I’ve already taken. If I could be invisible, well, then I’d for sure get some stellar shots! Or so I like to tell myself.

It’s okay to suck at something though. That means there’s room for growth and that’s a healthy place to be. After all, we can’t be good at everything. The moment we think we are, our world is likely to come crashing down.


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