Autumn is upon us and my heart is all aflutter.

Fall. It’s the time of year when I feel the most me. Something about the season resonates deep within my spirit. Winter is just kind of depressing to me – so cold and dead; spring is full of the excitement of new life; summer is a whirlwind of activity. But fall is different. An overall feeling of calm settles over me and I can breathe deeply and relax in the much needed slower pace of life.

I long for comfy sweaters and tall boots, warm cider and pumpkin everything. I enjoy taking long walks in the brisk air and the changing of the leaves, with their rainbow of colors on full display. How can something that’s dying be so beautiful?

I look forward to Thanksgiving traditions that begin with the Macy’s parade, continue with the National Dog Show and conclude with a wonderful meal followed by playing board games as a family. It’s my absolute favorite holiday.

I think I live the rest of the year in anticipation of autumn. But it’s here now and I’m going to relish every moment of it.

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