My first photography challenge of the year. | Photography Challenge 2020

My personal photography has been somewhat stagnant since I bought the Fuji X-T2. It’s an excellent camera and certainly can’t be blamed for my lack of creativity. I suppose it doesn’t spark creativity the same way other cameras I’ve owned have, but it’s a tool and really, a tool is what you make of it.

It’s easy to get into the mindset that different gear will produce different results. I have been guilty of going from camera to camera, lens to lens, trying to find the “perfect” combination to inspire me. I’ve learned over the years not to sink into that endless rabbit hole…it truly is never ending.

Instead, I like to challenge myself to make the gear I have work for me so I’ve decided to do a series of challenges throughout 2020 to force me to try new things. It won’t be a rigid schedule like a 365 project or even a project 52. Instead, I’d like to take my time and only move onto the next challenge when I feel I’ve consistently been able to achieve good results with the challenge I’m currently on.

I have lots of ideas to start with but the list may evolve as the months pass. Feel free to join along. And if you have a good idea for a challenge, I’d love to hear it!

I’m going to kick things off with this:

I challenge myself to shoot only jpeg sooc (straight out of camera), no editing!

I don’t actually think this one will be too difficult for me as I shoot jpeg most of the time anyway, but I would like to learn my camera’s custom settings better and really tweak them to get fully finished images sooc. I typically edit to adjust contrast and color so no editing at all will be a bit of a learning curve. But that’s the point! It’s so important in life to continue to seek growth.