Lazy Mondays

I recently posted on Instagram how productive I had been on a Thursday morning. It got me thinking about why that is, about why I always feel most productive at the end of the week. Seems sort of counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

It’s simple really. When Saturday and Sunday come around each week, it’s not a day off for me. It’s not restful. It’s not rejuvenating. For an introvert like me, the weekends can be very challenging because I spend more time around my family and friends than I do the rest of the week combined.

So, when Monday hits, I have nothing left. No energy, no patience. Oh, the evenings are still full with activities and I typically have some sort of errands to run, but I have to work very hard to maintain even a base level of productivity.

If I allow myself a lazy Monday (and Tuesday too, if I’m being honest), then I find that the second half of the week is much better. Even my dog agrees.

In keeping with my current photography challenge, all images in this post were shot jpeg and are straight out of camera (sooc).

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