Really, Adobe?

I had a big magazine shoot I needed to edit so as I previously posted, I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud so I could use Lightroom to batch process the many files. I’ve only recently jumped on the Creative Cloud bandwagon, and frankly, I did so reluctantly.

And this is why I’m already giving it up.

On the left is Lightroom. The noise and weird artifacting almost resemble little squiggly lines when you zoom in even further. On the right, we have Capture One Express for Fujifilm. There is clearly a distinct difference between the way these two software applications render Fuji files and if I’m going to spend thousands of dollars for a high end camera, I want to use the software that’s going to make those images look the best for the least amount of work.

I’ve been playing around with it for a few months and I cannot seem to get Fuji files in Lightroom to look as good as they do in Capture One, and I’ve only been using Capture One’s free version. I also spend way more time trying to achieve a look that is inherent in the latter.

I can hardly believe I’m saying it, but now I’ve jumped on the Capture One bandwagon and went ahead and purchased their pro version. I do not look forward to the massive amount of learning that will need to take place, but honestly, after processing some low res proofs for my client in Lightroom, I could not in good conscience give them files edited in that program.

Bye, Creative Cloud. It wasn’t really good while it lasted but hey, I tried.

(By the way, these images are sooc jpegs, no processing necessary.)

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