I made a picture while sitting in my car and I almost cried.

It’s been a dry year for my creativity. In some ways, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to even be creative. I’ve barely picked up my camera for personal use. And when I have, I’ve approached every subject with stagnant perspective, photographing not only the same things but also in the same way. It’s boring. I’m bored.

I’m currently waiting on two projects I shot over the spring and summer to be published in national magazines and I need a creative refresh, a new project, something to inspire me.

All of this has sort of been circling around in my head for a few years, but sitting alone in my car while the rain trickled on the windshield, it really resonated.

That’s when I made this picture…and my eyes began tearing up.

Why? Why so emotional over such a seemingly innocuous photograph? I guess it was because I saw something interesting to me and I decided to make a picture of it. I can’t tell you how rare that has become this year. Oh, I snap plenty of pictures of my kids, but they’re just that – snapshots. Creativity not required.

After the above image, I began making other photos from the driver’s seat in my car as my eyes readjusted to this rediscovered concept of creative thinking. They may not be anything stellar to anyone else, but they represent something much more meaningful to me.