VSCO is the anti-Instagram. And I more than love it.

I’ve spent the better part of the morning looking through my old pictures – specifically, my VSCO feed, which are all iPhone shots, dating back to 2013. I’ve been a fan of VSCO since the beginning. I purchased their Lightroom presets the weekend they launched. And when VSCOcam was released, I jumped on that bandwagon pretty quickly as well. I have long since held that my VSCO feed houses the truest photographic representation of my life…why?

VSCO has no likes or comments to keep track of. There is no sense of algorithms or trying to please anyone but myself. And that’s what I do. There, I share the images that personally speak to me, taken with the one camera that is always with me – my iPhone. I don’t worry about whether it’s “good enough” – either creatively or technically. In fact, that’s partly why I have made a conscious choice to only share iPhone images on my VSCO feed. It’s more or less a photo journal of my life and truth be told, as much as I love my Fuji gear, I don’t bring it with me everywhere.

I feel like the platform offers me complete freedom to share my world authentically, as I’m living it. And what’s more, I can peruse the feeds of others who are experiencing that same thing. Creativity skyrockets when we’re not worried about how it will be perceived by others. I think we all want to share our work and want it to be appreciated and valued. Finding a way to do so without falling prey to the social pressure to conform is a challenge. One I constantly battle with.

I’m so thankful for a platform like VSCO, which allows creatives to share, learn, grow, be challenged, and build community – all while letting the images, the creativity, and the vision of the artists take center stage.

*All images posted are from my VSCO feed, taken and edited on iPhone.

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