A month with the Fujifilm X70. What I love. What I hate?

Let me preface by saying upfront that the only thing I hate about this camera is that I didn’t buy it sooner. So, if you’re looking for a list of cons, this probably isn’t the blog post for you.

I’m not opposed to sharing lists of pros and cons but with this camera, after a month of shooting with it, I don’t have any. That doesn’t mean the camera is perfect. It’s not. But for me, for my life, for my style of shooting, I have found the little X70 to be a welcome addition with no true pitfalls.

My search for a truly portable, possibly pocketable second camera that I could carry everywhere began over two years ago with the X100F. Then I tried out the X100V. Both great cameras, but neither really filled the role I had intended. I was trying out the newest additions, all the while the camera that checked all the boxes was “old.”

(And I know the Ricoh is also awesome, but I wanted to stick with Fuji because 90% of my work is shot jpeg – because I hate editing – using Fujifilm’s custom film simulations and I wanted continuity with images shot on my X-T1).

Where this camera really excels is in the documentation of the everyday: photographing life as you live it. It resides in my handbag and goes with me everywhere. I like the tactile nature of shooting with a dedicated camera and I doubt that will ever change.

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