The beautiful ordinary.

A little walk behind our neighborhood puts us in a rural area you could almost call a forest. Almost. It’s nothing spectacular. It smells of swamp – because it largely is one. Unfortunately, there are sections that are quite literally littered with trash. But if you persevere through the smelly garbage areas, you actually reach a portion of woodland that is relatively nice.

There’s a pleasant stream that runs through, you can hear the wind in the trees, and see the light dance as it peeks its way through. For a bit, you can almost forget you’re surrounded by tract homes.

When we desperately want to get outside in nature but don’t have the time to invest in driving an hour away to the nearest hiking spot, this backwoods wetland isn’t a bad alternative. Of course, they’re putting in a highway so we may lose access sometime in the not too distant future.

*All images shot with my newest addition, the Fujifilm X70.

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