A surprise purchase and other ramblings.

When I was a working professional, I only kept the gear I needed to do my job. And as I photographed a rather small niche (editorial interiors), my gear was pretty honed in. A wide angle lens, a short telephoto – that was all I needed. New gear is a new experience, requiring a different skill set. I appreciate the challenge.

Well, I’ve done it. I bought another camera. I’ve talked recently about how using and mastering new gear is part of my love for photography. I spent years trying not to accumulate gear (I really am a minimalist at heart) and now in my retirement from professional photography, I’m collecting gear like never before. Specifically, older gear.

In my defense, two of my children are budding photographers and keep stealing my gear! Photo walks are far less fun when they get to use the cameras and I’m relegated to watching. I have to have enough for everyone, right? That only seems fair.

I’ll spill the beans about my new-to-me camera when it arrives, but in the meantime, I still quite enjoy the gear I have and used it to make these pictures this past week or so.

Hint: my new purchase shares the same X-Trans II sensor as my X-T1 and X70.

One response to “A surprise purchase and other ramblings.”

  1. Exciting-can’t wait to hear about it!


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