And that’s a wrap, folks.

It’s no secret that I decided to move away from professional photography last year to make way for a new opportunity. I don’t regret it. It was time. While I began my new job in March of 2020 and my last paid shoot was back in August of 2020, it is only this month (on June 30 actually) that my photography license expires. I’ve known I was done for a good while, but there’s a sense of finality to it now. It feels good. Like the fitting end to a wonderful story.

And along with that fitting end, the embargo period has now passed and I can show you what my last shoot actually was. I was able to shoot a feature for The Property Brothers new magazine, Reveal. A LOT goes into these magazine shoots. There is so much frenzy behind the scenes as we move furniture and decor items, rearrange spaces, etc. Sometimes, the way a home photographs best isn’t necessarily livable and so we set the scene to place the space front and center, only to have to move everything back afterward so that the family can do life as usual. It’s quite exhausting. 

Thankfully, I had an assistant for this shoot (Cesia Noemi Photography) and Stacey (the homeowner) and I have worked together for years so we have our own little system in place for getting things done. It was a fun last shoot to conclude my decade of professional photography.

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