My dream camera. If such a thing existed.

All this recent transition with gear has me even more convinced that the perfect camera doesn’t exist. Why? Because the term “perfect” is completely subjective. We each have different needs and preferences, therefore, what’s perfect for you is unlikely to be perfect for me.

That said, I’ve been pondering what my perfect camera would look like and this is what I’ve come up with:

  • The frame of the X70 with maybe a little more of the sleek styling found on newer bodies.
  • A textured grip (I don’t mind a small grip, but if it’s smooth, it’s hard to grab hold of).
  • Let’s keep the articulating screen design of the X70 but maybe make it flush with the body, like the X100V. (I think the new X-E4 has this as well).
  • A dual shutter speed/ISO dial, also like on the X100V and X-Pro3. So clever. I really like having access to the exposure triangle without having to access a menu.
  • The autofocusing capability of the X-T4 (or a Sony I guess, but I don’t have experience with Sony so we’ll just stick to Fuji).
  • Dual cards slots, also like the newer X-T series and X-Pro series cameras. I’d be willing to increase body size a bit to accommodate that.
  • The newest film simulations and in camera editing options like curve control, plus the ability to save them all within custom recipes.
  • I love the pop up flash design of my X-E2s, and the fact that it has a dedicated button. Very useful and very quick. Anything that allows me to access controls without having to go through the menu is a plus. I rarely use flash, but it sucks to not have it when you need it.
  • Weather sealing. 
  • Personally, I wouldn’t want to go with more than 24 megapixels. I think between 16-24 is the sweet spot.

Now, this camera will likely never exist, but if I could customize the perfect camera for me, this would be a pretty excellent start. Not because I need the latest and greatest, but because a tool like this would simplify my creative process even further and inspire me to shoot more. That is the goal, after all.

What would your ideal camera look like?

*These are just a snippet of some of my vacation images from the past week or so. More stunning views of Montana to come.

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