Putting the X-E2s through its paces.

Our family trip to Big Sky Country was a great opportunity to really try out my new-to-me X-E2s. Though I bought the camera back in May, I’ve been waiting for the chance to use it on a more regular basis, and let’s be honest, I typically grab the X70.

All of my gear made the cross country flight to Montana: three lenses, two bodies, one compact camera. My daughter was convinced that she wanted to take pictures as well and as I didn’t want to share with her, we brought enough gear for a photo walk with my children.

On my part, I kept the X70 and X-E2s with 35mm f/2 in my bag at all times and made a conscious choice to use the X-E2s. The result was the solidification of my initial opinion: I love it and it may replace the X-T1 as my all time favorite interchangeable lens camera.

I know the sensor, and therefore the image quality, is identical so it’s really more about styling and how the camera feels in my hand. In fact, since I bought it, I’ve barely even picked up the X-T1. Good ‘ol Sebastian has become my daughter’s camera of choice instead. I’m certainly surprised by my own perspective, but I don’t mind. I’m glad to see her taking an interest in something that I love. The X-T1 was (and still would be) my professional choice, but as it turns out, it’s not my first choice as a hobbyist.

One of these days, maybe I really will sell everything except one camera and one lens and if I did, well, the X-E2s would be the frontrunner at this point.

One response to “Putting the X-E2s through its paces.”

  1. Love the photos!! That’s great to hear that the X-E2s is working out so well! (Btw, the 35mm f2 is my fave lens I own)


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