Leaves, leaves and more leaves.

One of my on-going projects is photographing leaves. It’s not macro photography, especially given that many of them are oversized, but I do focus on really filling the frame and trying to capture some of the detail that makes each of them unique. 

I’m enthralled by the variety. The colors, the veins, the patterns. All of them so beautiful. I love the imperfections of each as well – adds character. I imagine it will be a lifelong pursuit. Eventually, I would like to print and frame a dozen or so for a gallery wall in my house. Maybe I’ll offer art prints at some point. Who knows? 

Here are some I’ve captured this year.

2 responses to “Leaves, leaves and more leaves.”

  1. I was just looking at the one you gifted me and I think offering them as art prints is a fab idea!


  2. I guess it’s my way of subverting my black thumb and introducing greenery into my home! 🙂


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