Fear and failure, part 2.

(Be sure to check out part 1 before reading further.)

This past Friday was a beautiful morning, full of glowing mist and the confidence to get out of my own way and make a few photographs of it.

In an effort to set myself up for success, I made sure to leave the bathrobe in the closet and get dressed before the chaos of the school morning began. That meant I’d have fewer excuses if conditions aligned and the mystical fog I’ve been dying to photograph appeared.

I was not disappointed. And what’s more, I’m really proud of myself for taking the step. It was so beautiful in person. I hope these images can convey some semblance of that.

And you know what? It wasn’t so hard after all.

3 responses to “Fear and failure, part 2.”

  1. So worth it! Happy you decided to stop-love the tiny details like the cobwebs that you captured.


  2. I meant spiderwebs:-)


  3. That’s as perfect a cobweb as I’ve ever seen!


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