Can I still be a photographer if I don’t have a camera?

For the first time in over 15 years, I don’t have a camera. It’s kind of liberating. As I sold off gear and prepared to buy something new, I was feeling that old familiar anxiety about what to choose. So I decided that for right now, I’m not going to choose anything.

It’s been a hard transition to go from professional to hobbyist. I know I don’t need the same equipment I once owned, yet I still approach my photographic tools with that mindset. It’s not serving me well. I’m just going from camera to camera that I purchased partly with pro use in mind (after over a decade, I can’t seem to turn it off) only to then realize that I don’t need professional gear and I don’t actually enjoy using it.

And so, I’m taking a pause. I’m not buying anything right now. I feel like I need to retrain my brain. It’s kind of like getting out of a long term relationship – you just need to be single for a while.

One response to “Can I still be a photographer if I don’t have a camera?”

  1. Of course! Most phones these days can take great pictures and they can always be with you without becoming a chore. I once heard a photographer I admire lecturing about camera equipment to a group of garden writers. He started off by saying, ‘A writer needs a really good pen to write anything decent, right?’ then underlined his point by showing only pictures taken on his iPhone.


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