Home is where my broken ankle resides. And my heart…it lives here too.

February has been a slow month….mostly because I fractured my ankle. Walking is kind of important to my photography. Needless to say, I won’t be hiking again any time soon. As such, I’ve been focusing on documenting in and around my home throughout the day. Truthfully, home is my favorite place and I never tire of photographing the changing light throughout the day. It may be a cheesy expression, but home is where the heart is. That’s definitely true for me. And as a military spouse, ”home” is wherever I’m with him.

3 responses to “Home is where my broken ankle resides. And my heart…it lives here too.”

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope you heal up soon. These are fantastic pics by the way.


  2. I hope you heal quickly Lea! Put your feet up!:-) I always love your black and white photography.


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