Nothing exciting, just a little photo walk.

A few weeks back, I took a little photo walk in nature with my daughter. I quickly learned that broken ankles don’t like walking (even when you’re in a ”walking boot”) so it was short lived. I also found it nearly impossible to shift my position into anything other than standing straight so the ”creativity” is lacking. That said, it’s always nice to get outside so while I wish I could’ve taken more time to really play around and try new things, it’s not as if it was a total waste either. Sometimes photography isn’t the point. Sometimes, it’s just about getting out and making the effort.

As always, click an image to view it larger.

One response to “Nothing exciting, just a little photo walk.”

  1. I broke my ankle falling from a staircase nine years ago, it was a complicated fracture – running is no longer an option, but at 61 I now do more walking 🙂
    Hope it heals well for you.
    And indeed, getting out is more important.
    Nice pictures anyway.


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