I have literally no desire to pick up a camera.

I did it again. I know. I feel as dumb as I sound. Despite my best intentions, I always seem to make the same mistake. Why is that? It’s only April and I’ve broken my gear resolutions for the year as I prepare to pack up a box for KEH. Nope, I didn’t keep it a year. I thought I would. I should’ve known better. I also said I was going to stop talking about gear so much…

Maybe this isn’t really about gear though. I guess it’s just about me. The back and forth with gear is only the symptom. The truth is that I haven’t been inspired to pick up a camera and shoot in a long time. I don’t really know why. My life has been busy, true. Carving out time for photography hardly seems a priority these days when I enjoy my coffee each morning while pouring over the color coded calendar of events for the day. I keep hoping some new-to-me piece of kit will be the spark that gets me started again. I love photography, so why have I essentially stopped pursuing it? Is it just a time constraint?

It’s not that I take no pictures at all, simply that I have pretty much stopped doing so intentionally. I see pictures and compositions everywhere, but never feel I have time to stop. And when I do take pictures of my life, it’s with my phone. I haven’t really been a part of the photo community since I left social media. Is that part of my issue? Not having other creatives to share and grow with? I sure do miss it.

And I miss photography. I feel a void, yet my cameras still sit on a shelf, collecting dust. They’ve basically become expensive home decor. I currently have five… When I say it out loud, I immediately think, “Wow. That’s too many.” Hence the reason I’m boxing some up and shipping them out. I think I need a challenge. Something with definite parameters that will force me to take some dang photos!

Oh my. If you still read this blog, kudos. And thanks for riding the crazy train with me. I have no idea when we’ll reach our destination but I’m pretty sure it will be a bumpy trip.

8 responses to “I have literally no desire to pick up a camera.”

  1. Still here reading like always! I empathize with what you’re saying. I think the lack of the creative community could definitely be a part of the problem. I love the idea of a creative challenge or something else that will provide constraints and boundaries. I have a feeling you’ll get a bolt of inspiration soon.


  2. Thank you! Without social media, I think you’re the only other photographer I ever communicate with! I hate most social media, but I’m tempted to rejoin for the photo community alone. Actually, I did sign up for Twitter but I have no idea how to use it! Ha ha!

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  3. I am not a fan of social media either but I’ve kept IG & Twitter so I can promote things I’m working on and stay in touch with a few friends. I wish we could have IG from 2012 again lol. Anyway, if you decide to try to use Twitter I can help, it’s easy but unfortunately it is the cesspool of all cesspools 😬😬🤣🤣 (outside of the creative circle that is. So just a fair warning) But if you only follow and connect with other creatives you may be able to insulate yourself from the crap. Either way I hope you find away to connect with some other photographers! (I’ll always be here to of course)


  4. Also, the gear head in me can’t help but be a little curious about what those 5 cameras currently are. Lol


  5. Ha ha! Canon 5D, Canon EOS 3, Canon Powershot G16, Ricoh GR II, and my trusty Fuji X-T1.

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  6. Pretty much the same here – I really have to force myself to get my camera out these days.


  7. I feel like there’s almost an epidemic of this among photographers I’ve known for a long time. It’s like we’ve all reached burnout at the same time.


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