Shocker! I took some photos.

And here they are…

After my last post, as I stared at the box and label to ship some gear off to KEH, I got really frustrated with myself. I put the gear back on the shelf and decided to persevere a little longer. And after I made that decision, I picked up some cameras and started shooting! Nothing epic – I’m no where near that. It’s probably been since summer of 2021 that I shot an image I was really proud of (and it won first place in the first contest I ever entered). Since then, I’ve struggled to shoot much at all, so I was pretty happy just to find the motivation to shoot at all.

Baby steps.

2 responses to “Shocker! I took some photos.”

  1. Glad you didn’t sell your gear, I’m sure you would have regretted it later. I’m liking the monochrome shots.


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