My portfolio website is getting a much needed overhaul and I’m using only my blog site in the meantime. Thank you for your patience.

As a professional photographer, I’ve gotten to photograph lovely people and beautiful spaces for various publications, both printed and online. In addition, I’ve been writing photography related content and tutorials for other sites since 2012.

You can visit the links at the bottom of the page to see more of my interior and editorial work or visit my business Instagram page.

I’m a documentarian at heart, using my words and my photographs to record an authentic depiction of life at any given moment. That is the motivation that continues to inspire me to pick up my camera and shoot.

A little more about me…

  • More than just a coffee addict, I’m a coffee snob – because I’ll only drink the good stuff.
  • Thanks to my middle child, I’m a proud soccer mom, minivan and all.
  • I’m pretty much Adele in the shower.
  • I’m reluctantly gluten free. Alas, it gives me migraines. I miss donuts.
  • If you walk past me with a dog, I will ask to pet it. I can’t help it. Please say yes.
  • I’m in a constant state of planning my next Disney trip.
  • I go to movies by myself and relish every second of the solitude.

Selected Photography Features & Collaborations