DSCF6874Hi, I’m Lea!

By profession, I’m an editorial and interior photographer. I get to photograph lovely people and beautiful spaces for various publications, both printed and online. You can find my portfolio here.

Married for 17-years, Lover Boy and I have three children who are equally crazy and awesome. I wouldn’t trade them for anything! But I would be willing to rent them out for manual labor from time to time.


A little more about me…

  • More than just a coffee addict, I’m a coffee snob – because I’ll only drink the good stuff.
  • I’m a horrible runner but I do it, and I enjoy it. Sort of. Same with yoga.
  • I’m pretty much Adele in the shower.
  • I’m reluctantly gluten free. Alas, it gives me migraines. I miss donuts.
  • If you walk past me with a dog, I will ask to pet it. I can’t help it. Please say yes.
  • I’m in a constant state of planning my next Disney trip.
  • I go to movies by myself and relish every second of the solitude.

Thanks for stopping by!