So, we weathered a hurricane.

Florence wasn’t our first hurricane since we made North Carolina home seven and a half years ago. And like others before her, we survived unscathed. It’s heartbreaking to see others losing their homes and in some cases, their lives, while we only suffered some flickering power. We expect a lot more rain over the weekend and flooding is a real concern, though I don’t expect it to affect us.

In the meantime, my kids have enjoyed hunkering down in the oldest’s bedroom for the past few nights on beds made of stuffed animals.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

Traveling with kids is never relaxing. Even when they’re confined to a cruise ship. But they had fun and I’m holding out hope that I will someday be able to relax on an adult only vacation…

I did, however, enjoy a blissful couple of hours on an adult only beach while my kids were relishing in kids’ activities aboard the ship. I guess that’ll have to do for now.


Nature is my new muse.

I have never photographed nature much, preferring people and architecture, but lately, I have been so inspired by it. I find myself taking more and more pictures of nature. I even began a new photography project photographing leaves. (I may have mentioned that already…)

Here are some of my recent captures.