Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week. Kids, work, husband, friends, laundry, summer – it’s all muddled together in my mind. I literally have a color coded calendar system that I use religiously to keep all the areas of my life organized and yet, lately, it’s become harder and harder to do. My productivityContinue reading “Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?”

I failed my year long experiment. But I’m okay with it.

Last summer, I committed to one year with the Fujifilm X100F. Life complications had me feeling an intense desire to simplify everything so I could stay afloat. And that purpose was served, mostly. I didn’t really have any expectations but I was definitely searching for some inspiration. It’s been 10 months and I’m ready toContinue reading “I failed my year long experiment. But I’m okay with it.”

I did a thing with some friends. It’s about time.

I recently took a real vacation to Monterey, California with my best friends and honestly, I’m not sure I could describe it. I mean, I could tell you what we did – hiked along the coast, posed with redwoods, watched Avengers: Endgame without our families (ssh! I haven’t told Nathaniel), ate FRESH seafood, and wentContinue reading “I did a thing with some friends. It’s about time.”