Preserve the past, even if it’s embarrassing.

I’ve had many blogs over the past 10 years, both personal and professional. And I have deleted every one of them. (As well as Instagram accounts and Facebook pages…they’ve all succumbed to the same fate). I strived for perfection, I think. I tried to hone in on a particular focus and “marketed” myself to theContinue reading “Preserve the past, even if it’s embarrassing.”

The best tool for the job.

Last summer, I sold off the bulk of my digital photography gear and bought a compact, mirrorless Fuji X100F as my all around, carry-with-me-everywhere camera. For a few months I used it to document my life, my family vacation and even a few freelance jobs for my longest running client (who I simply couldn’t refuseContinue reading “The best tool for the job.”

The view from here.

I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly contemplative person, but it’s hard not to be when you’re standing 14,115 feet above it all. It’s hard to breathe – both due to the thinner air and the staggering view. If ever I’ve felt small, it’s looking down from the summit of Pike’s Peak and realizing that I’mContinue reading “The view from here.”