I found Inspiration’s hiding spot.

It was ducking behind running my own business. I’m amazed at how often inspiration has struck for me since turning my passion back into a hobby instead of my bread and butter. For starters, I have photographed so much more! (Thanks in part to the compact size of my new X100F). I’m carrying a camera withContinue reading “I found Inspiration’s hiding spot.”

Seizing the moments. And documenting them.

I know I’m not the first parent who desperately longs for bedtime. For that final hug, a kiss goodnight and a closed door. Because parenting is hard. You give of yourself all day long and some days, it’s all you can do to not audibly count down the minutes. I’ve had several nights like thatContinue reading “Seizing the moments. And documenting them.”

I made a mistake. It’s not the first.

In an effort to be really transparent, I’m not going to delete my previous post about how the X100F was not the camera for me. That was my initial reaction. I even ordered an X-T2 and was pretty excited about it. But then it arrived and guess what happened? Nothing. Whereas for the short timeContinue reading “I made a mistake. It’s not the first.”