Hi, I’m Lea (read ”Leah” but without the ”h”). I’m a multi-published photographer based out of North Carolina. I spent a decade as a professional photographer and photography educator/writer, working with a variety of talented individuals and beautiful publications. However, 2020 shifted a lot of our perspectives and I decided it was time for a change.

Though I no longer take on commercial work, some of my previous features include HGTV, Domino, Domino Kids Magazine, Reveal Magazine by The Property Brothers, CityView Magazine, The Fayetteville Observer, and Design Addict Mom. Additionally, I also moderated forums and/or wrote photography related content for Pretty Presets, The Modern Tog, and I Heart Faces.

Visit my portfolio website to view my current projects.

Latest From the Blog

  • I wish I lived in Charleston. But at least I get to visit.
    What can I say about Charleston that doesn’t sound cliché? I’m not a southern girl. I’m from California, people. The only true commonalities are the muted colors and palm trees. Somehow, Charleston and the surrounding area just fits me. I love walking around the downtown peninsula, especially the old city […]
  • Shocker! I took some photos.
    And here they are… After my last post, as I stared at the box and label to ship some gear off to KEH, I got really frustrated with myself. I put the gear back on the shelf and decided to persevere a little longer. And after I made that decision, […]
  • I have literally no desire to pick up a camera.
    I did it again. I know. I feel as dumb as I sound. Despite my best intentions, I always seem to make the same mistake. Why is that? It’s only April and I’ve broken my gear resolutions for the year as I prepare to pack up a box for KEH. […]

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