Push the boundaries of your own creativity.

As a photographer, I guess I’ve never really subscribed to the “golden hour” mindset. For me, photography is about documentation, recording the history of our lives. And that happens throughout the day, not just when the light is the most flattering. Bear with me here because I know what I’m about to say might ruffleContinue reading “Push the boundaries of your own creativity.”

Break the rules and just photograph what interests you.

I am a rule follower by nature. I love rules. They make me feel safe and secure. They limit surprises and guess what? I’m not a fan of surprises. But rules can also be stagnant and create complacency. Rules can keep us locked into a single minded way of thinking that hinders true creativity andContinue reading “Break the rules and just photograph what interests you.”

When are you most creative?

It’s 6:00 in the morning – on a Sunday. The rest of my family is still asleep. It’s quiet and free from distraction – a rare thing. This is the type of solitude I relish in because it’s probably my favorite time to write. Like most parents, I can multi-task a lot of things butContinue reading “When are you most creative?”