Uninspiration. I just made that word up.

We all fall victim to a lack of inspiration from time to time. Photographically speaking, I’m just not motivated right now to go out and shoot. I’ve been favoring my iPhone and using it as my primary camera as of late because it’s always with me. And I really enjoy the images that come outContinue reading “Uninspiration. I just made that word up.”

Encourage analog living. Otherwise screens will dominate your life.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a love hate relationship with technology. I love the convenience. I love the opportunities for connection. (Seriously, what did military families do before they could FaceTime with each other from halfway across the world)? But with that comes a lot of distraction and a propensity towardContinue reading “Encourage analog living. Otherwise screens will dominate your life.”

So, we weathered a hurricane.

Florence wasn’t our first hurricane since we made North Carolina home seven and a half years ago. And like others before her, we survived unscathed. It’s heartbreaking to see others losing their homes and in some cases, their lives, while we only suffered some flickering power. We expect a lot more rain over the weekendContinue reading “So, we weathered a hurricane.”