Quiet mornings are for the birds. And me.

It’s June. How did that happen? I’m sitting out on my front porch. The sky is a bit gray but the temperature is perfectly moderate and there’s a nice breeze from the south. The birds are singing in all their glory, a symphony of chirps and whistles. And my own little vultures are lazing aboutContinue reading “Quiet mornings are for the birds. And me.”

Friday night lights.

As parents, sometimes we really have to step outside our own box in order to ensure our kids get to experience a full spectrum of what life has to offer. Understanding that they are individuals who will have their own tastes, preferences and interests means doing all you can to give them opportunities to discoverContinue reading “Friday night lights.”

So, we weathered a hurricane.

Florence wasn’t our first hurricane since we made North Carolina home seven and a half years ago. And like others before her, we survived unscathed. It’s heartbreaking to see others losing their homes and in some cases, their lives, while we only suffered some flickering power. We expect a lot more rain over the weekendContinue reading “So, we weathered a hurricane.”