I did a thing with some friends. It’s about time.

I recently took a real vacation to Monterey, California with my best friends and honestly, I’m not sure I could describe it. I mean, I could tell you what we did – hiked along the coast, posed with redwoods, watched Avengers: Endgame without our families (ssh! I haven’t told Nathaniel), ate FRESH seafood, and wentContinue reading “I did a thing with some friends. It’s about time.”

Break the rules and just photograph what interests you.

I am a rule follower by nature. I love rules. They make me feel safe and secure. They limit surprises and guess what? I’m not a fan of surprises. But rules can also be stagnant and create complacency. Rules can keep us locked into a single minded way of thinking that hinders true creativity andContinue reading “Break the rules and just photograph what interests you.”

Mastering the Mom-cation.

This week, I did something I’ve never done before. Something that didn’t even seem possible. I took a mini vacation. By myself. Yes, you read that right. I left my children and my husband behind and headed off to the beach for a few days alone. I went shopping without kids in tow, took photoContinue reading “Mastering the Mom-cation.”