I suck at this kind of photography.

Walking around downtown the other day with two cameras strapped to me was an exercise in humility. This year, I challenged myself to try my hand at street photography – something I had never really attempted before, though it has long since fascinated me. I’ve actually been procrastinating quite a bit, this being my firstContinue reading “I suck at this kind of photography.”

The North Carolina Zoo with four kids. Because they’re not wild enough.

I wish I had something profound to say, but I don’t. I feel like I’m running on fumes this summer. That’s pretty typical really. My kids are home and I feel like I’m on call 24/7. During the school year, I get a glorious seven hours a day ALONE. Sure, there are errands some daysContinue reading “The North Carolina Zoo with four kids. Because they’re not wild enough.”

Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week. Kids, work, husband, friends, laundry, summer – it’s all muddled together in my mind. I literally have a color coded calendar system that I use religiously to keep all the areas of my life organized and yet, lately, it’s become harder and harder to do. My productivityContinue reading “Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?”