I’m married to Iron Man. Well, an IRONMAN anyway.

Yesterday, my husband turned 40 years old and to celebrate, this past weekend, he finished his first half IRONMAN triathlon. Not his first triathlon mind you, just his first IRONMAN. Me, I plan on going on an all inclusive trip to Disney World to celebrate my 40th. You know, where there will be no hardContinue reading “I’m married to Iron Man. Well, an IRONMAN anyway.”

We went on a trip and I only used my “pro” camera one day.

This year’s family vacation was spent in a more adventurous manner than most. We went to the US National Whitewater Center. It’s basically a theme park for outdoorsy people. Rafting, zip-lining, rock climbing, deep water soloing, ropes courses, mountain biking, etc. Participating on all those activities didn’t leave me many opportunities to take photos (IContinue reading “We went on a trip and I only used my “pro” camera one day.”

Hiding behind the camera is so much easier.

I have a hard time getting in the picture. Part of it is residual low self-esteem from my late teens and early 20’s. Part of it is simply being unwilling to relinquish the control of the camera. And still another part of it is not trusting someone else to take a picture of me thatContinue reading “Hiding behind the camera is so much easier.”