The North Carolina Zoo with four kids. Because they’re not wild enough.

I wish I had something profound to say, but I don’t. I feel like I’m running on fumes this summer. That’s pretty typical really. My kids are home and I feel like I’m on call 24/7. During the school year, I get a glorious seven hours a day ALONE. Sure, there are errands some daysContinue reading “The North Carolina Zoo with four kids. Because they’re not wild enough.”

Push the boundaries of your own creativity.

As a photographer, I guess I’ve never really subscribed to the “golden hour” mindset. For me, photography is about documentation, recording the history of our lives. And that happens throughout the day, not just when the light is the most flattering. Bear with me here because I know what I’m about to say might ruffleContinue reading “Push the boundaries of your own creativity.”

Quiet mornings are for the birds. And me.

It’s June. How did that happen? I’m sitting out on my front porch. The sky is a bit gray but the temperature is perfectly moderate and there’s a nice breeze from the south. The birds are singing in all their glory, a symphony of chirps and whistles. And my own little vultures are lazing aboutContinue reading “Quiet mornings are for the birds. And me.”