I’m married to Iron Man. Well, an IRONMAN anyway.

Yesterday, my husband turned 40 years old and to celebrate, this past weekend, he finished his first half IRONMAN triathlon. Not his first triathlon mind you, just his first IRONMAN. Me, I plan on going on an all inclusive trip to Disney World to celebrate my 40th. You know, where there will be no hardContinue reading “I’m married to Iron Man. Well, an IRONMAN anyway.”

I suck at this kind of photography.

Walking around downtown the other day with two cameras strapped to me was an exercise in humility. This year, I challenged myself to try my hand at street photography – something I had never really attempted before, though it has long since fascinated me. I’ve actually been procrastinating quite a bit, this being my firstContinue reading “I suck at this kind of photography.”