Uninspiration. I just made that word up.

We all fall victim to a lack of inspiration from time to time. Photographically speaking, I’m just not motivated right now to go out and shoot. I’ve been favoring my iPhone and using it as my primary camera as of late because it’s always with me. And I really enjoy the images that come outContinue reading “Uninspiration. I just made that word up.”

My longest running social media account. How has it survived?

I’ve previously mentioned how I have created, posted to and subsequently deleted multiple blogs and social media accounts. They can be a huge distraction to me personally. I feel like I’ve spent the past decade+ trying to manage social media’s hold on my life and attention. It has often felt like a losing battle. Hence theContinue reading “My longest running social media account. How has it survived?”

The best tool for the job.

Last summer, I sold off the bulk of my digital photography gear and bought a compact, mirrorless Fuji X100F as my all around, carry-with-me-everywhere camera. For a few months I used it to document my life, my family vacation and even a few freelance jobs for my longest running client (who I simply couldn’t refuseContinue reading “The best tool for the job.”