Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week. Kids, work, husband, friends, laundry, summer – it’s all muddled together in my mind. I literally have a color coded calendar system that I use religiously to keep all the areas of my life organized and yet, lately, it’s become harder and harder to do. My productivityContinue reading “Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?”

My husband is a rockstar. And I’ll forever be his groupie.

Lover Boy never ceases to impress me. And challenge me. His determination is motivating. I think I’d sit and watch HULU during almost all my down time if it weren’t for him asking if I wanted to go for a run or a bike ride, etc. While I will likely never run a marathon (heContinue reading “My husband is a rockstar. And I’ll forever be his groupie.”

Coffee date.

It’s not easy prioritizing individual time with each kid. Sometimes, a quick Starbucks run is all we can fit into our schedules. But even in those short 20 minutes or so, my kids open up, sharing their heart with me. And that is always worthwhile. She’s in fifth grade now. In half a year, she’llContinue reading “Coffee date.”