Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week. Kids, work, husband, friends, laundry, summer – it’s all muddled together in my mind. I literally have a color coded calendar system that I use religiously to keep all the areas of my life organized and yet, lately, it’s become harder and harder to do. My productivityContinue reading “Maintaining productivity amidst chaos. Is it possible?”

Uninspiration. I just made that word up.

We all fall victim to a lack of inspiration from time to time. Photographically speaking, I’m just not motivated right now to go out and shoot. I’ve been favoring my iPhone and using it as my primary camera as of late because it’s always with me. And I really enjoy the images that come outContinue reading “Uninspiration. I just made that word up.”

When are you most creative?

It’s 6:00 in the morning – on a Sunday. The rest of my family is still asleep. It’s quiet and free from distraction – a rare thing. This is the type of solitude I relish in because it’s probably my favorite time to write. Like most parents, I can multi-task a lot of things butContinue reading “When are you most creative?”