Learning something new… Frustrating, isn’t it?

We learn the tools of our trade inside and out, which more often than not, translates into speed, efficiency, and accuracy. That’s why I’m so frustrated right now.

Today, my rented Fujifilm X100F arrived via FedEx and I’ve really been looking forward to playing with it. Unfortunately for me, there’s a learning curve. Thankfully not too steep as I’ve been shooting Fuji gear for the past three years. But even so, there’s still plenty to figure out.

Learning new gear kind of sucks. But I’m trying to keep an open mind.

After all, I’ve only been playing around with the thing for a few hours thus far. I have several more days to acquaint myself with this small, compact and yet very powerful tool.

This isn’t by any means a review, but my initial reactions are positive. The size is wonderful. I slung it from my neck while out with my kids and barely noticed it. It’s easy to shoot with one hand, which is nice. I’m often holding a kid with the other. The menu settings are not as intuitive as I would like. They seem to be more complicated than my X-T1. But of course, I can’t have everything.

My primary need is a professional quality camera that’s compact enough to get tossed in my bag. Because I can’t use it if I never take it with me. And I never took my X-T1 with me – the lenses made it too bulky. The X100F is pleasant to shoot with. I’m sure with time and practice, I’ll get all the custom settings arranged the way I like and then the learning curve will disappear.

I look forward to continuing to play with it this week. Here are a few shots from this evening to start with. Light and contrast are probably my two favorite things when it comes to photography.








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