It may just be time for something drastic. And I mean totally crazy.

Have you ever been so desperate for a change that you got it into your head to do something that seems stupid, drastic, and maybe even a little crazy? This is my current dilemma with this week’s announcement of the Ricoh GRIIIX with a new fixed 26.1mm f/2.8 lens. I know, I know. I just bought the Fujifilm X-E3.

The truth is that I’ve been wanting to try the Ricoh GR series for a number of years but I already had so much other gear. I was pretty heavily invested into Fujifilm and I needed gear that pulled double duty for both personal and professional use. The Ricoh didn’t fit that bill.

Then 2020 hit and I closed my photography business. All of a sudden, my gear didn’t need to fit a professional agenda and that opened up a lot of possibilities. Truthfully though, I’d been shooting with one camera brand for so long (and happily so, I might add) that I sort of had blinders on. When it came time to switch up my gear, Fujifilm was the only brand I even considered.

Trouble is, they didn’t have what I most wanted: an X80. A small, fixed lens, pocketable camera with at least 24 megapixels that produced professional quality results without sacrificing ergonomics. At this point, I think an update to the beloved X70 is a pipe dream. So, I compromised. But I’ve never been quite satisfied.

Now, with the Ricoh GRIIIX hitting the market next month, I’m seriously considering returning the gear I’ve recently purchased (which is still within the 30-day return window) and pre-ordering the GRIIIX as soon as it’s available. That feels crazy. It probably is. 

The X-E3 truly is great. But I shouldn’t have compromised. I wanted something pocketable, or at least close to, but instead, I just bought a bigger handbag to accommodate my gear. I’m looking for a reset. A fresh perspective. A different approach. I think maybe I need to step outside my comfort zone. I mean, it’s not like I’m signing for a mortgage, right? I can always change my gear. I have been shooting with Fujifilm exclusively for over six years and it has served me well but I think it may be time to learn something new.

Maybe with the GR, maybe with something else. KEH has a vast selection. I don’t know. 

I’m going to do it. I’m packing up my returns as we speak.

3 responses to “It may just be time for something drastic. And I mean totally crazy.”

  1. Exciting! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!


  2. I love the photos on your blog, and I suspect that you and I have the same general photographic priorities—my favorite setup is the X-Pro3 with the 18/2, 27/2.8, and 35/1.4.

    I also have a GR III. I bet you’ll love it! It is a quirky, marvelous little camera—an adventure unto itself. I am definitely tempted by the IIIx, and am seriously considering selling my current GR and moving from 28mm to 40mm, since I’ve really grown to love the Fuji 27 and its field of view. Ultimately, though, I suspect that I’ll keep my current GR—28mm is so wide that it makes it possible to just sort of aim in a general direction and snap away, and I like that approach on such a tiny camera.

    As a sort of stopgap, to prevent myself from buying a IIIx, I picked up a used Fuji X-M1 at an incredibly low price. I’m going to put my 27 on that camera and make it into a sort of pseudo-GR IIIx.

    I really look forward to seeing your GR photos!


  3. Thanks for the feedback. It’s much appreciated! I am a big fan of older Fuji gear and it’s so readily available at such a great price that I know I can always pick some up from KEH whenever I want. I will admit, I’m having a hard time deciding between the GRIII and the GRIIIx. Traditionally, I love the 28mm and 50mm focal lengths the most but 40mm intrigues me. Maybe that’s why I want to give it a go. But I do think I tend to “see” in 28mm terms so I know there would be a learning curve with the GRIIIx. Decisions, decisions…


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