Any moment is worth a photograph.

It’s really a stunningly beautiful morning. I awoke of my own volition, something any parent knows to be the holy grail of a good night’s sleep. Though I was the first parent out of bed, there was already coffee, remnants from yesterday. It’s mine now. But I’m nice so I made a fresh pot for my husband. And me too, of course. I mean, who has just one cup of coffee?

The kids are all riding their bikes around the neighborhood to peruse Garage Sale Saturday, a seasonal occurrence in our neighborhood. They wander to and fro, hoping to discover some new treasure. I’m sort of the kill joy. I hate garage sales and I hate clutter even more so I’m pretty strict about what they can bring home, if anything.

For a glorious five minutes, it was still and quiet in my house. I’m happy to let them enjoy their “window browsing” when it means I get to relish in the sun streaming through my windows (which I thoroughly cleaned this week) and actually hear the birds chirping outside while I slowly savor my first cup of coffee.

Small moments like this are my favorite to photograph. It may seem insignificant to some, but I love having a picture to remind me of all I’ve felt as I sat in silence on this stunningly beautiful morning.

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