The art of simplicity. It’s a goal.

I’m a big fan of uncluttered compositions. I don’t care so much if it lines up with  the “rules,” and in fact, sometimes I appreciate a picture more when it doesn’t follow the rules. There’s a lot to be said for throwing up your fist and saying, “I’m just going to do my own thing.”

I do find that I am always drawn to clean images, often with a lot of negative space. They offer a sense of calm. There’s certainly a time and place for a busy image with a lot of interest, and I can appreciate them as well, but for me, the images I seem to love the best are much more simple. I don’t like clutter in my home so it makes sense that I would have a greater appreciation for art that fits in with that aesthetic as well.

As I go through my own images, I can see this is a theme I return to over and over again. It may not work for the daily snapshots of my life, which are by nature chaotic, but when I have the time to focus, compose and simplify, I do.

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