iPhoneography + VSCO

I’ve talked about my VSCO feed before. It predates my first Instagram account. I loved it from the beginning because it was a place to share images without comments or likes or distractions – and it has remained dedicated to this. Yes, it’s curated to some extent, but I still think it’s the truest photographic representation of my life.

I believe everyone should revisit their own images from time to time – what better place to glean inspiration than from our own creativity? It can be a welcome reminder of lessons we’ve already learned, approaches we’ve already utilized. When I revisit my own work, it primarily comes in the form of flipping through my annual family photo books and scrolling through my VSCO feed. Oh, I have thousands of other images stored on various hard drives, but these are the places that tell an authentic story – not always a pretty story – and the story is what I’m after.

I’ve loved taking pictures of my life on my iPhone since I got my first one (the iPhone 4s) way back in 2013. The image quality wasn’t great, but the best camera is the one you have with you and getting the shot is always better than not getting the shot, right?

These are a few recent captures from my life that I’ve posted to my VSCO feed.

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